Disgusting Dinner

Good Taste/Bad Taste Buffet

Thanks to the generosity of Tom Lennard and his eponymous fund administrators at Mac, we get to have a good taste dinner for our bad taste class. We’ll appease our base palettes in the basement of the Alumni House, and plan to watch some trashy entertainment. The date and time are to be determined by Doodle poll; the entertainment voted on via Moodle poll based on the options you supply below; and the menu a combo matter of dictated platters and populist potluck dishes. In other words, we’ve got a modest purse to purchase prepared food (roughly $10 per mouth), which we can pair with food prepared by you, for those who’d like to serve up a specialty of their own to our washed (!) masses.

Go for gratifying in that Kantian style and make something that actually tastes good! Or go for show and make something super disgusting! Think post-war, post-ration U.S. nuclear family dinner table. (See Zosha’s link on the Camp Sites page for examples.) Or get culturally-specifically gross, and try to realize a socialist recipe from the Soviet Union’s canonical cookbook (see image below), to which Abby introduced us in her class presentation. Katherine found an arsenal of nasty repasts on the NY Public Library website. For all their ideological and aesthetic discord, both countries were in agreement that jello, mayonnaise and sometimes mallow ought to make their way onto one’s plate… Thank goodness we’ve got the wisdom of hindsight on our side. Yech!

A pair of mayonnaise-based delicacies from the Soviet Book of Healthy and Tasty Food.


Unless we hear otherwise, we’ll be supping at Zosha’s place, just a 63 bus ride away from Mac at 372 Summit Ave. (Note! It’s the carriage house behind 370 Summit, which isn’t visible from the street.)


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