Camp Sites

Camp Sites: sources, non-scholarly, on our chosen theme.

Good Taste/Bad Taste? Let the experts (MOMA) decide.

MOMA weighs in on kitsch, too.

A lofty scholar takes up our lowly question.

As does the discerning lay person.

Kitsch for the Kids and the Whole Family!

Hipster Baby Name Generator

Robert Mappelthorpe for Children

Bob Staake’s Bad Children’s Books

Jessica Harrison’s Gory Porcelain

Portia Munson’s “Pink Project”

Kitschy homes and gardens (from Zosha)

Milan Kunc’s perverse post/communist porcelain

Camp’s Not Dead!

Hipster Hitler (and Broseph Stalin)

Дурной вкус: Kitsch, Camp and Poshlost’ in Russia

Sad and Useless: Life in Russia

Sad and Useless: Russian Facebook

Vladislav Mamyshev AKA Monroe

The Dictator with a Heart of Gold

Soviet Kitsch

Russia! Magazine’s ongoing commentary.

In the News/In our Class

The 10 Campiest Olympic Figure Skating Routines of All Time

Literally, bad taste: preparing the gross foods of the past today (courtesy of Zosha)

Barbie Gets Subversive a la Benjamin (inspired by Kyler’s comment during class discussion)

Local Off-Color: Get your kitschy kicks close to home!

Hammer and Sickle Bar in Minneapolis

Moscow on the Hill


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